Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Art of 2012

I sometimes wonder if all artists get "painter's block" or if it is just some of us unfortunate few? Anyway, I am enjoying an extended period of inspiration and motivation, although I seem stuck on the same subject matter (yes, MORE flowers.) I just finished my latest work in my Vase Series, although numbers were never my strong point and I forget where I am in the series now. So I'm calling this one "Red Sunflowers" and pretending like I didn't want to assign a number.

I believe my vase series is about to end, however. I have been "seeing" different images in my mind that I want to translate onto canvas. 

When I first began painting, I played around with some abstract faces. Above are a couple painted several years ago that I deemed utter failures, but now that I look back on them, I can see some sort of promise there. I ended up painting over them for reasons I haven't really explored, but now I regret that I don't have them. Thanks to encouragement and goading from my WONDERFUL friends, I've decided to broaden my horizons and perhaps create a new series of faces. Maybe this time I will be better about keeping count so I can actually have an official series of 10 (or 5 or 12) or maybe I'll just continue being a complete space cadet and lose count at 3.

On the home front today, it is Superbowl Sunday. I'm not even sure which teams are attached to Tom Brady and Eli Manning but I'm making a ginormous pot of chili and allotting myself a couple of hours on the couch to watch boys in tight pants beat the crap out of each other. And, since my sprout and I are still in training for the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon in April, I'll have to fit in a little run today (which I should have already completed but I've enjoyed sitting around in my jammies, having coffee and blogging.)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Renee :)

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Viv's Visuals said...

How good to see you and your work again Renee. The vase is amazing - the colours make me think of warm sunny days - which we're not getting here across the pond at the mo!
Hope you've enjoyed the Superbowl - think all the hunky bods on view would deffo go down well with a bowl of chilli (and the odd glass or two!!!)
Sending you big hugz.