Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bored with My Own Art...

I guess the title says it all. I'm just bored out of my mind with my own art. I went to my brother's house the other day and he had some of my art on his wall and it made me sleepy. Not only that, I felt like it was amateur and contrived. I wanted to rip it off his walls and bring it home to "fix" it (or rather, slather a bunch of white or black paint on it and start again.)

Today was a rainy, nasty, "hole yourself in" sort of day... so I painted FOR HOURS. But it wasn't that sort of natural, free flowing, crazily inspired sort of painting. It was labored and tortured. I just feel sick of myself and I can't get over this feeling that I'm lacking some sort of artistic gene that will allow me to overcome the hump of mundaneness. Did you know "mundaneness" isn't a real word? I'm going to use it anyway.

So here is what I've worked on today. Above is my return to "Faces." I've always been drawn to the abstract and cubism, as well as my inner 5 year old attraction to primary colors. I'm not close to finished yet (as a matter of fact, since I took the pic I've taken out the lower left hand face... it just didn't belong.) But I'm excited to work on it more so at least it isn't putting me into an art coma.

And this is donkey. This is a self portrait, in a way. I feel like a donkey 90% of the time. Hubby "playfully" calls me Donkey. So I started painting this donkey and after 10 variations of color and content, I still can't get it right. Above is one of the variations which I hadn't planned on keeping and was just messing around, and below is what it is as of this moment. Who knows what it will be tomorrow?

Okay! Off to bed to hopefully recharge my battery and rid of this crappy obsessive mood!

Renee :)


Ruth said...

I totally know what you mean! I'd love to paint regularly, I feel like there's an artistic side of me that has barely been scratched yet, but most of the time I can't think of anything subject-wise. Either that or I start doing flowers that end up looking like a two year old did them. I've recently started seeing an expressive art therapist, hopefully that will help a bit.

ReneeBuchananArt said...

Ruth, I have just finished reading the most wonderful book by Michele Cassou that has really help put me back on track where I am enjoying the process again. I am going to dedicate a blog to the book and the idea behind it, but I suggest you read Life, Paint, and Passion. I would love to hear your experiences with the expressive art therapist.

Renee :)